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- Matchmaking: How It Works? - 





- Personal Introductions / Matchmaking -

Personal Introductions / Matchmaking Concept

Alpha Connect Matchmaking is a personal introductions agency based in the United Kingdom. We aim to facilitate personal introductions for busy professionals and elite clientele. We also provide bespoke matchmaking services. Our ethos is to assist our clients in the search for their desired match with the view for them to form wholesome, long-term relationships. We have a standardised process for onboarding all of our Private and Exclusive members, which ensures consistency and provides our prospective clients with a peace of mind that any potential matches are genuine. 


Private Members can join Alpha Connect Matchmaking strictly by invitation only. This membership allows you to join our personal introductions agency on a passive search basis, and provides a potential opportunity for you to be matched with an Exclusive Member. Private Members can apply to become Exclusive Members. For full details and pricing, please contact us.


Exclusive Members can apply to join Alpha Connect Matchmaking. Exclusive memberships are aimed at clients who require proactive match search and would like to choose one of the three Exclusive Membership Tiers.


Please note that an application to join Alpha Connect Matchmaking does not guarantee the success of becoming a member, i.e. we reserve the right to reject any application for membership at any time. For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions outlined on our website and the Client Agreement. 


- Onboarding and Becoming a Member -

The Process of Onboarding and Becoming a Member is Outlined below:


Step 1 - Apply to Become an Exclusive Member 

Complete the online Registration Form. A matchmaker will be in touch, who will organise psychometric testing and book a complimentary telephone consultation with you. 

Step 2 - Telephone Consultation

Complimentary telephone consultation booking with a matchmaker to understand your requirements better and explain the services we provide will be arranged. The consultation is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions. At this stage, we are beginning to try and establish if you may benefit from membership with Alpha Connect Matchmaking and if we can potentially meet your expectations.


When it comes to people’s expectations, we are transparent and aware of what service we can and cannot deliver to our potential clients. If we feel we cannot meet a potential client’s expectations, we may decline the membership request.

Step 3 - Pre-Membership Interview and Client Contract

When you decide to proceed with joining the Exclusive Membership Club, we will liaise with you to arrange an in-depth pre-membership interview at a time to suit you. As part of this process, we require to see legal identification documents of yourself, such as passport and driver’s licence, and a proof of address. The rationale for this is to ensure you are who you say you are. This vetting process is necessary to have as much assurance as possible that our matches are legitimate. Hence, it is a mandatory requirement for all membership levels, and we are unable to admit any prospective members without being able to confirm their identification.


The pre-membership interview then focusses on other areas of your life, such as your education, career, aspirations, lifestyle, hobbies, future ambitions and the qualities in a person you feel would be ideal for your match.


This is an opportunity for your to share photos of yourself with us, and provide any other information you feel may be important to be included on your profile. We will also require you to sign the Client Agreement, which grants us permission to assist you with the search for your match. An invoice will be sent to you electronically for payment. 

Step 4 - Life Coaching Session 

A complimentary life coaching session will be offered to all Exclusive Members, once they have chosen to proceed with engaging Alpha Connect Matchmaking in assisting with the search for a match. The session is of up to 1 hour and allows you and the life coach to gain a brief overview of where you are in your life at the moment, as well as where you would like to be. Although, one life coaching session is complimentary, you can continue to have more life coaching sessions if this is something you feel you may benefit from further. For more information, please see our Life Coaching page.

Step 5 - Payment and Membership Confirmation 

Upon receipt of payment, we will email you a professionally compiled profile for you to approve. Once you have confirmed you are happy to proceed, you will be added to our Exclusive Members Club's register and proactive search for your match will begin. We are an offline personal introductory agency. Your profile and photos will not be posted online in the public domain by us.


For Private Members, your profile will be added to the Private Members’ Club register (passive match search). Should there be an Exclusive Member whose criteria you meet, we will contact you to gauge your interest in the potential Exclusive Member match. If it is felt there may be potential suitability mutually, you will be introduced to each other. 

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