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- Frequently Asked Questions -




  • Is your matchmaking service not the same as online dating?
    No, at Alpha Connect Matchmaking, we offer you a bespoke matchmaking service which is offline. For Exclusive Members, a matchmaker will be assigned to you, who will be your direct point of contact. We are selective about potential matches for you, who must be members of our agency and have undergone a mandatory screening and vetting processes. Unlike online dating, our service is best suited to those who do not wish to rely on algorithm to match them to someone and value the discretion of their search for a match not being in the public eye of dating websites. We do not overwhelm our clients with catalogues of matches, but carefully select and handpick those that meet the clients’ requirements as closely as possible.
  • Will you help me find love?
    Alpha Connect Matchmaking is a personal introductions agency that provides bespoke matchmaking service and relationship coaching. We assist our clients with the search for their match and facilitate personal introductions to potential matches. We, by no means claim to guarantee to find you love, as there is no one out there who can guarantee this. We aim to do our best to match you with individuals who are compatible with your personality and as many qualities of an ideal as match as possible.
  • What is a match?
    At Alpha Connect Matchmaking, when we say we have found you a ‘match’, we mean that both parties appear to be potentially compatible and have agreed to be introduced by us to each other.
  • Is a match different from a date?
    Yes, at Alpha Connect matchmaking, we define a ‘match’ as specified above. A date is when both parties have mutually agreed to meet and this is something that would not normally have any involvement from us. However, we are able to offer a Concierge service that can assist you with planning and booking a date with your match. For a fee, we can take the hassle of having to search venues and make reservations, as we can do all of this for you based on your pre-specified requirements.
  • Do I have to agree to meet every match?
    No, at Alpha Connect Matchmaking, we leave the final decision of whether to meet a suggested match for a date or not entirely to you. We appreciate that preparing for a first date with a match can be unnerving and offer a range of additional services to support you. We can take the stress out of having to search for a venue and make reservations by doing all of this for you for a fee. If your nerves seem to be getting the better of you, we have partnered with Baker Therapies and Training who are on hand to assist with psychological wellbeing services, such as life coaching, relationship coaching, guided meditations and hypnosis.
  • How do I seek feedback from my date?
    By using Alpha Connect Matchmaking, we are able to assist you with giving and receiving feedback about your date with your match. The rationale of this is to help facilitate better dating experience for you with your match.
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