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About Us

Alpha Connect Matchmaking is a personal introductions agency that provides bespoke matchmaking service and relationship coaching to clients. We are based in the United Kingdom. Our services are aimed at professionals and elite clientele, who lead busy lifestyles and require assistance with finding a partner.


We understand that the evolving use of technology and faster pace of life has created a reality where we can achieve more with less and be extremely efficient with our time and work. However, this has also created a challenge for people to initiate and form relationships organically. For example, how many people do you see look up at you from their mobile phones?

Modern Dating Scene

In the attempt to cater for most computer and mobile phone users, an increased number of dating websites and applications have become available, which means that people have access to more choice in the dating world than ever before. This has been both a great innovation for some people, but a hindrance for others. Whilst it may be great to have thousands of potential matches available at your fingertips in seconds, this has also overwhelmed people searching for a partner, and has not always resulted in the desired relationship.


Some statistics indicate, that around 17% of couples who have recently married met online, which is positive, but what do the other 83% of people looking for love do if they wish to find a partner, yet they have not been able to do so?


Having a ‘great’ relationship online can still become a disappointment due to lack of chemistry or inability to truly ‘connect’ with a person ‘offline’. This in turn can not only have a detrimental effect on a relationship's future itself, but also on the individuals’ self-esteems.


Why Choose Alpha Connect Matchmaking?

Our service is bespoke and is specifically tailored to our clients' requirements - something that dating websites and applications do not currently offer.   

Our goal is to help you search for your partner and to empower you to form a wholesome, fulfilling and happy relationship with that person. When it comes to suggesting possible matches for our clients, we understand that they truly value quality over quantity to be of a higher priority. All our potential matches undergo psychometric testing, are interviewed and vetted, again something that dating websites and applications do not offer.

We work with our clients to assist with creating and setting realistic expectations as to who their match may be. In addition, we offer a range of life coaching, relationship coaching, meditation and hypnotherapy services to assist clients with their psychological wellbeing, whilst preparing to search for their match.


Whether it is to combat low self-esteem, heal a broken heart or try to calm the nerves before a first date with a match, we are here to assist you with getting ready to welcome your partner into your life.

You are not alone on this journey, we are here to support you every step of the way!

Laughing Couple

- Our Services -

Personal Introductions / Matchmaking

We often hear people say:

'When will I meet 'the one'?'

'I tried several dating sites / apps and nothing seems to work?'

'Why my online date did not look like their photo in real life?'

'Why are they ignoring me, have I been 'ghosted'?'

'I want a partner to share my successes and challenges with.'

If any of the above apply to you, do not look any further! 

Contact us now to enquire how we can help you find your match.

Life / Relationship


Are you stuck in a rut?


Are you fed up with being single or with attracting unsuitable partners into your life?

Are you struggling to break a repetitive unfulfilling relationship pattern?

We offer life and relationship coaching to enable you to work through your current issues step by step in preparation for the new chapter in your life.

Contact us now for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you.

Concierge Service

You liked our match suggestion and they reciprocated. Awesome! Now, it is time for a date.


Take the stress out of planning and coordinating arrangements for the rendezvous with your match.

Let us take care of the venue, logistics and transport bookings for you, so you can relax and calm those nerves before your dream date.

To discuss your requirements, please contact your matchmaker.

- Blog -


For more information about dating and relationships, why not to check out our Blog?

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